Are you looking for me?
If you are looking for responsive website development or design and/or database design and development you are looking for me.
With over 20 years of programmer/analyst experience (13 with big corporations) I am always looking for people or companies who can benifit from that experience. I am very good at and love what I do with no company overhead.
My specialty and main expertise is in database driven websites and systems. I designed and created my first inventory control, invoice grenerating system in 1987 and on from there...
This is a few pages of my basic Job Tracking System for a server website designed and developed for use as an example and/or model for your custom progressive site. It fits cell phone, pad and PC. Please, contact me to see more.
This is a few pages of my basic Sales Website with cart and checkout designed and developed for the same purpose. I utilized PHP, HTML, MySql, Apache, and JavaScript for both and others. Please, contact me for details.
In 2009 interactions and graphics began taking a portion of my time (websites, ads, and movies).
Totally different: my Minimal Characterization, probably not for a serious business system but we may want to use for your advertizing or entertaining site.
My more complicated graphics may be the answer for a more entertaining solution limited only by imagination.
Please, click here to Email me or call 623-521-3508
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